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I started this website and blog to learn something about blogging and to have a page for updates about my projects. In the beginning I used my native language German for blog posts and other related pages on this website. As things are progressing in life, I’m going to change the default language of this site from German to English. I’m no Englisch mothertongue, but I’d like to reach out to a lot more people in the world. Especially as an indie developer. And I’d like to improve my English writing and thinking. Please bear with me, if my English is not extremely good, I’m doing my best and hope to get better. – thanks

My old posts in German will stay on the website for further reference. There are some development related posts of Foldermarks app and some other informative stuff. Please feel free to use your browsers translation service to read it in your language, if you are not familiar with German.

The pages are not all translated yet. You will find the front page in English. All other pages will get translated in the next days. Maybe there will be a little more design changes as I’m still working on it.

My vision is to present more of my projects and it’s development process on

Stay tuned.

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