Foldermarks is an app for Android to open and create `.url`-files. The files are stored locally on the device and can be managed inside the app, e.g. Share or Delete.

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What are URL-Files?

A URL-file is roughly speaking a kind of bookmark in which a link to a website can be stored. There are different URL files for different operating systems:

  • MacOS = `*.url`
  • Windows = `*.webloc`
  • Linux = `*.desktop`

Modern browsers like Chrome, Safari or Firefox can open a `.url`-file on any operating system.

But, what do I need a URL file for if I can easily set bookmarks in the browser of my choice?

The Idea

For surfing the Internet I use the Google Chrome Browser since some years. There I have saved quite a few bookmarks. So many that I lost the overview there.

When I work on projects or find pages on the internet that interest me, I save these pages for later in a bookmark. Unfortunately they then disappear in the depths of the unsorted bookmarks in the browser.

But some of the bookmarks are project-related and the content of the saved website is important for the project. So that this content doesn’t get lost so quickly, I searched for a way to save the bookmarks directly in the folders of the projects. After a short time I came across URL-files and started to save my bookmarks in the folders of my projects with the help of the Chrome plugin Save as Shortcut.

A small problem arose. I wanted to open the URL-files, which are in my cloud, with my smartphone and my tablet, too. Unfortunately this is not possible with my Android devices. With the URL Opener I had a small workaround to open URL files and was satisfied.

On my smartphone I use of course also the Chrome Browser and discover a lot of interesting content on the web. I also wanted to bookmark them as URL-files and upload them to the cloud. But there was no answer to my problem in the Google Play Store. So I had to find an answer myself: The URL-Files Manager!

The App in Detail

Foldermarks is an app for opening, creating, deleting and sharing / uploading URL-files. The individual functions are described in detail below.

Open URL-files

Foldermarks can be selected to open URL-files and set as the default program. URL files can then be opened conveniently in the browser, since the app uses the default browser of the device to open the link.

Create URL-files

URL-files can be created in two ways.

1. With Foldermarks

URL files can be created directly in the app. Just give the URL file a name and enter the link to the page below.

2. By sharing from the browser

The more interesting way to create a URL-file is directly from the browser. For example, if you want to bookmark a page in Chrome, you can share the website with Foldermarks. Foldermarks opens and reads title + link from the website and saves a URL-file as bookmark.

Delete URL-files

Selected URL-files can also be deleted by swiping left.

Share / Upload URL-files

The generated URL-files simply lie around locally on the device after creation. To load the files into the cloud, you can use the share function again. Generated URL-files can be shared at any time, e.g. with Google Drive. In Google Drive, the URL-file can then be saved in any folder (e.g. inbox or project folder) and uploaded to the cloud accordingly.

The app offers the function to automatically create and save the URL.file when receiving shared web pages.